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Your Story Rewind

The best stories are yours and we help you tell them. CM Films is excited introduce Your Story Rewind. A personalized documentary service that lets you choose the best way to tell your story and preserve it. Whether it is sharing a child's birth story, a courtship or your family history, CM Films can provide the expertise to help tell your story and preserve it for the ages. A wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, graduation or anniversary. 

So, what's your story?

Your Story Options

No story is the same, so CM Films offers a wealth of options to customize your story. Using a perfect blend of photos, home movies, music and interviews, we can help 

Photos and Music

Your story simply told with your photographs and music. Creatively assembled with motion and graphics. 
Up to 100 photos. $199
Add'l photos and video. Contact CM Films for quote

In Your Words

Have a seat and tell your story. Sometimes the best way to share your story is to tell it from your own point of view. With years of experience, our interviewers are friendly and non-intimidating, allowing you to relax and tell your story in your own voice. 
Up to one hour interview. $399

Editing Options

How your story is presented is just as important as how it is told. Whether you just want your story preserved with no editing or you'd like a refined story crafted from your interview, CM Films offers several editing options to serve your story.
Raw footage delivery. $99
Film editing service. $299
Film editing with photo and video additions. Contact CM Films for quote


Once your story film is completed, we invite you back to record a commentary as an alternate track. Pairing this with the Photos and Music is a great way to share your story without being on camera. $199

Delivery Options

CM Films offers a variety of delivery options so that you can share your story with as many people as you like. Every Your Story film package includes one copy on DVD or Blu-ray. 
Additional DVD or Blu-ray copies (up to 10). $25 each
Additional DVD or Blu-ray copies (above 10). Contact CM Films for information
Online delivery. $99

On-Location Interview

Most of our sessions are shot at our new studios in Ames, Iowa, but we know there are many reasons that people can't make it to us, so we offer the option to travel to you. Whether your location is due to illness or perhaps it better serves the story to tell it a particular location like a family home, CM Films will travel anywhere in the world to get your story told. Contact CM Films for more information