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Non-Profit Video

Whether you are working from a limited budget or you're crafting a development campaign to raise funds, CM Films offers a variety of production services to help you meet your goals. 


Jigsaw: The Missing Piece
Webster Co. Crime Stoppers

I was approached by the Webster County Crime Stoppers to create a video for their new crime reporting apps and websites. This was an exciting shoot with all of the elements that a run-and-gun shooter like me looks for: car chases, kidnapping, robbery and drug deals. Thanks to some amazing pre-production, we shot the whole video in seven hours.

Iowa Initiative - Start the Conversation

The Iowa Initiative was a non-profit research program set to examine the causes and prevention of unintended pregnancies in women 18-30. For me, the underlying message was the power of education in public policy. This was a really rewarding video to direct and I was very proud of the work they accomplished with the help of this video. 

ISVCon - 2013 - Reno

This was my second year working with ISVCon. It was a lot of fun and I found that I face a lot of the same issues that software developers deal with. Wrestling with the big boys, dealing with copyrights and small business administration are things we all work through to get to do what we love. It was enlightening and empowering.