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Working for schools, universities and educational institutions is very rewarding and I love knowing that whether we are trying to help enrollment or endowments or boost scholarships, in the end, we are doing something to help the students.


Duchesne Academy - Recruitment Film

Duchesne Academy in Omaha has a rich history and their students and staff are the best. It's so wonderful to see people excited about where they work and go to school. This was one of our easiest projects because the excitement and enthusiasm is genuine.

This video was a Telly Award finalist for Recruitment Films & Use of Graphics. It also received two Pixie Awards for Typographic Effects and Motion Graphics.

Duchesne Preschool

This was our first video for Duchesne. Capturing preschoolers who just exploded with love and energy, well, it doesn't get much easier than that.
This video was a Telly Award finalist for Cinematography.